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Happy Stories in 3 words

You're very nice.

Calin Mo Ruinsa
My baby boy


Kevin my son

My fantastic family
Somebody wants a hug


Birdies building nests

Out in the garden
Cuddles from Dolly


Doing the job
Ruby the dog
Talking to people


Seems like yesterday...
Warming up your Words

Elma: I remember when I was little, there was only certain times we would be together. Did you know I really liked gardening? I looked forward to Spring - it was a new beginning. We used to paint our Easter eggs with faces on them.

Joan: Did you know that Patsy will be 21 next week?

It seems like yesterday that we went on holiday to Largo.

Remember when Granny came to stay?

Childhood Memories

Egg rolling in Victoria Park

Joe: My favourite childhood memory is easy for me...every Easter we walked to the park and rolled our Easter eggs. We met our relatives there and all of our eggs were decorated the way we wanted. It was Victoria Park, down from Partick. We had an egg rolling contest; you always ended up eating the egg! 

The beach, bowls and cricket

Wallace: My favourite childhood memory was playing bowls with Susan and Paul.

I enjoyed playing at the beach as a wee boy.

I liked playing cricket with my friends.

Nancy: My favourite childhood memory was our family pet dog called Tweed.

Memorable Moments

Some of our participants have been reminiscing about memorable moments using our

Warming Up Your Words activities. Here is a lovely selection of their work.

Seeing your family
Going on holiday
Passing an exam


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