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Insights Training Films

Insights Film 1

Living Histories - Making Stories Matter

This is the first of a set of informal training videos designed to encourage seniors across our community to tell and share their stories - with support from care home staff, supported living services, families and friends. 

Insights Film 2

Everyone Has a Story to Tell

 Stories come in all shapes and sizes and each person's story is unique. Reminiscences can be stimulated in so many ways, through shared memories, music, photos, places and people and have immense value for a person's sense of self and wellbeing.

Insights Film 3

In Praise of Chatty People (of all ages)

Telling and sharing stories is a meaningful activity and can happen casually as well as through creative reminiscence activities such as Vintage teas or listening to music. Intergenerational work can also stimulate engaging conversations between young people and older people - to mutual benefit. There is a huge value to being chatty!

Insights Film 4

And Another Thing (when you think you have heard it all

And just when you think you have heard it all, you may not have done! So the theme of this video is to carry on listening and not assume that you have heard a person's full story. Keep asking questions and using blended approaches to find out new things about the individual.

Walk a mile in their shoes and then a little more.

Insights Film 5

Filming equipment and techniques

Insights Film 6

Post Production hints and software

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