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Tell Your Story


Recording your memories in your own words and voice is a wonderful way of sharing your story both for yourself and for others. Your words and your voice are unique to you and create a living history of your life experiences. 

Everyone has a story to tell. Some people's stories are, connected to world events such as the Second World War, whilst others connect to more local events, landscapes and cultural and societal changes.

Oral histories also create an opportunity for people to benefit from others' insights and can add to a shared understanding of the past through the voices of people who would otherwise be hidden from history. The history that many people learn tends to focus on famous people and big events but obscure everyday people talking about everyday things.


Understanding the value of an individual's 'memory bump' which is the tendency to create the strongest memories between the ages of 10 and 30, can be a great starting point for recording memories because the most valuable testimony that people can share is their direct personal experiences.


 Whilst some people choose to voice their stories to have them written down, the value of the spoken word is hugely important. So this is also when the use of an audio or video recorder comes into its own. We have audio equipment available to loan free of charge so that you can create unique recordings. We can also offer sets of prompts on different themes, whether about your memories of childhood, hometown, wartime experiences, work or family.


Our partners at Culture Perth and Kinross are very keen to gather oral histories in order to archive them as living stories for posterity, so please consider this as an option if you would like to share your story in this way.  

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