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The GO Project

At Generating Opportunity CIC (GO), we believe that people who use support have the same rights as anyone else to lead a confident and happy life. The GO project started life as a Community Interest Company (CIC) in 2016. It was set up by former education and charity manager Linda Grant, who, with partner Ian, established the project in Lincolnshire and more recently developed its main base in Perth.



Linda Grant

‘As someone working in lots of community-based training and wellbeing projects, the value of using the arts for self-expression and wellbeing became fundamental,’ says Linda. ‘This was particularly the case for clients who use support. So making the arts accessible is hugely important in promoting inclusion and just making people feel so much better about themselves. As a CIC, we have a volunteer Board of Directors, who collectively, have a broad range of governance skills and creative flair. We are so grateful for their expertise, support and commitment.’

‘Our clients include people who live in residential care or use support in their own homes and many of them have lived experience of Dementia, so we aim to ensure that the activities we offer are as accessible as possible. Some of our clients enjoy telling us stories and memories so we can compile their life stories or reminiscences on film or on sound recordings. Others work with us to collate ‘soundtracks’ to their life through developing audio playlists, which is a lovely thing to do and can be very helpful in stimulating memories and conversations. There are now lots of resources available to help people compile their playlists, thanks in no small part to the charity ‘Playlist For Life and the BBC Music Memories and sound archives’.

‘We started working with Care Homes, creative wellbeing groups and individuals across Perth and Kinross during the Covid-19 pandemic, to offer a sense of hope and social connection through participation in arts and reminiscence activities. We celebrated their achievements with two arts exhibitions in Perth and Crieff at the end of 2021. Our work continues to develop, as we expand the scale and reach of our activities, including intergenerational work which connects young people to our clients, to their mutual benefit.’

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Get to Know the Faces behind GO

Lauren Alexander bio brief.pdf.jpg

Lauren Alexander


Ian Grant


Ian, an experienced sound engineer and our ‘go-to’ person for all things technical, including film production.


Mark Lawe

Mark has worked in and managed rural businesses throughout his career and is a great source of advice.

Jean Jarvis

Jean, as well as being a trained counsellor and a mindfulness coach, has extensive experience of supporting students with additional needs.

Julie Stubbs

Julie brings extensive skills in business development, project and service delivery and management as well as fundraising.

Janieann McCracken

Janieann is a media specialist and University lecturer in audio production.

Jan Holgate

Jan is a teacher, with a particular expertise in music production and performance and leading young choirs.
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