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Here are some resources to guide you through some arts and reminiscence activities. The Guidance sheets describe how you can match our films to activities and resources. We have also included  past newsletters so you can see how other people have used them.
Great Song Lyrics
Object Handling
ABC of Places
Warming up Words
Braw Banter
Awesome Acrostics
Silver Screen Memories
Sunflower Hopes
Conversation Starters
Holidays/Days Out
Postcard to Younger Self
Evacuation Stories
Playlist for Life
Name that Tune
Food Questions
Movie Quiz
Memories of Childhood
Working Lives
Word Cloud
Positive Qualities
Haiku Template
Rainbow Template
Writing a Haiku
Fashions and Trends
Guidance for Activ. Co.
My Favourite Things
Make a Hedgehog
Dear Younger Self
Flower Vase
Collecting Fav Things
Name that Tune
Button Templates
Conversation Starters
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