Just how many Auld Scots words can you squeeze into one wee story?

Janet Lewis and Doug Beedie at Dalweem are ahead by a guid mile!

A Braw Walk

I was out for a braw walk and got drookit.

I met a friend on the way who did nothing but haiver.

She was a stoater but a bit glaikit.

I asked her to wheesht but she blethered on.

I was scunnered and crabbit listening to her.

So I threatenened her with a skelp on the bahookie.

She shoogled away at last!


We have added extra pages here to showcase your seasonal poems.

Dog in Nature

Dreich and Drookit!

I went for a walk in the park on a dreich day. Suddenly the heavens opened and soon I was drookit. I slipped on the ground and landed on my bahookie. (Some might say I stottered). I was mauchit and looked glaikit.

I went to the pub and my pal called me a numpty. I got angry and skelped him. There was an awful stramash so I went home and cooried in by the fire.

I took my clairty clothes of in the cludgie. I felt like a right bampot.

Next day I had to use the besom to sweep up my mess. My mother called me an eejit. I called her a crabbit besom.

She gave it laldy and skelped my bahookie which was already sore from my fall yesterday!


Smelling Flowers

The earth is greening

and nature is awakening
Longer days are filled with birdsong and swallows arriving


Autumn Days

Summer Holidays

Seaside fun with the family
Sunshine in the sky
Soft breezes and summer waves


Your Poems and Stories

Chilly nights with crisp colour
Toffee apples and fields of gold
Bonfires with harvests of copper and gold.


My Winter Tale

Sparkling snow makes the winter white
Snow falling makes a carpet of white
Icy bite on a starry night


Autumn Leaves
Beach Fun