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Release your inner poet as you reminisce about your favourite things or seasons of the year by writing a Haiku poem or an Awesome Acrostic. Follow our guidance here.
PS It doesn't have to rhyme!
   One day of Winter   
summer trees.jpg
   One day of Summer   


 Blue skies and breezes

 Fresh landscapes of bright colour  

 Sunshine inspires hope                   

Blooming Garden

 Cold hard ground breaks               Dappled greens and buds arrive   Portals for rebirth                          

   One day of Spring   

 Snowdrops emerging           Pure white delicate glory     Strength in purity              

These poems are based on the Japanese short form of poetry called Haiku.

Autumn Pond
   One day of Autumn   

   Leaves gently falling        

   Gold in sweet serenity        

   Feed welcoming Earth. 

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