Creative Wellbeing   

We are passionate about using the arts for wellbeing. 

So our Creative Wellbeing section is all about sharing positivity through the activities and artworks of our brilliant participants and creative collaborators from across Perth and Kinross.

One of these activities is taking photos from a window and our creative colleagues at Wisecraft, Blairgowrie and The Walled Garden, in Perth, have got us off to a cracking start (see Gallery on the next page).

They have also shared some of their lovely paintings from a window - Our Happy Place - featured in their own page here (see also bottom right).


Another of our activities is Pocket Positives -  positive messages of hope and goodwill being shared by Care Home residents and others to support and encourage local schoolchildren.

Many Care Homes have a relationship with a local school, but these connections have been disrupted for the past year. So this is an opportunity for Care Homes to reconnect with local schoolchildren. Residents might also like to share messages about what they wish they had known when they were at school!


Everyone is welcome to participate by sending messages to

We will include some of these uplifting words in our anthology of prose and poetry to mark our Brighter Days Ahead exhibition towards the end of the year.

We also have activities based around 'Affirmations' which many people have already enjoyed, so do have a look at this page too. 

Our 'Lessons from Life' are a series of more general affirmations matched to cherished photos of Scottish landscapes, so you could do this too, using your favourite photos.

We are also privileged to highlight the work of local arts group ARTvantage whose growing strength and achievements come from their creative practice.

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  Pocket Positives from Richmond House, Crieff

Enjoy going for walks

I used to be a teacher -

I always told the children to believe in themselves - Joe

Be kind to your friends - Jane

Take every day as it comes - Wallace

Always behave yourself - Senga

Don't always rely on others - Judy
Don't bully each other, be kind - Lizzy

Make your own mind up about what you would like to do - Doris

Stand with God - Betty

You are in charge of your own life - Joe

'We had a lovely time doing this - lots of chats and reminiscing.

The words of wisdom and encouragement were amazing.' Suzie

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