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Celebrating Your Place in Time

A celebration of place makes a great starting point for Reminiscence. Whether it is special landmarks, spectacular scenery, histories, heroes, stories, songs or traditions, every place has its own character and footprint that surrounds our everyday life.

Here is a brief exploration of the Fair City of Perth, originally St John's Toun, using an ABC of Local Distinctiveness, adapted from the charity Common Ground, to help people discover new perspectives of their neighbourhoods by exploring what makes them the characterful places they are. 

Your ABC of Perth or any other fond place will inevitably be different but equally important in exploring what you value in your personal history and in your community. It carries whispers of the past but points towards what we choose to value and remember now and in the future.

WHERE is your fond place?

Perth and Kinross has so many beautiful places.

Dunkeld is many people's fond place so musical duo PlaidSong have made a beautiful film about Dunkeld

and its famous fiddler Niel Gow and his precious

musical legacy.

The Fair Maid of Perth
Use our guidance sheet attached to this page, to create an ABC of YOUR place.
Your ABC of Place
AK Bell Library
AK Bell Library

Fair Maids House
Fair Maids House

Perth Museum and Art Gallery
Perth Museum and Art Gallery

AK Bell Library
AK Bell Library


PERTH (and surrounding area)

centre of Alba, BIG TREE COUNTRY, Bonnie Prince CHARLIE, DOUGLAS Fir, EXPLORERS, FAIR City and Fair Maid, GEORGIAN buildings, GOWRIE House and the GUILDRY, HUNTINGTOWER Castle, the INCHES (once ISLANDS), JACOBITE Risings, JOHN KNOX, LINEN, LEATHER (and whisky), A K Bell LIBRARY, Clan MACKINTOSH, Battle of NORTH INCH, OLIVER Cromwell, Plagues, Parks and Perth Royal Infirmary, QUEEN's View, RAILWAYS, ROBERT The Bruce and ROMAN Fort,

St Johnstone FC (The Saints), SANDEMAN Library, Scone Palace, STONE of Destiny, tall Spires and Sir Walter SCOTT, the Glorious TAY, Cutlog VENNEL, City WALLS and WELLSHILL Cemetery, Fortingall YEW.

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