Flower power - blooming lovely!

the peacock
Button Art templates

Vase of flowers

Greeting card messages

With spring in the air, our thoughts are turning to flowers. So what could be nicer than some floral art at Richmond House to bring a splash of colour. We have attached some flower templates to this page so you can make your own vase of flowers.

Button Up!

button tin.jpg
walters flowers.jpg
work in progress.jpg

Does anyone else remember having one of these tins of buttons at home?

We have buttons in abundance so we have been trying out some button art. You can make pictures or greetings cards perhaps and add a personal touch with a message.

We have added some ideas and templates here too.

button tree.jpg
button cake.jpg

Having recently met Alexander the Peacock at Scone Palace, we think he might make a great subject for button art, so we have added his lovely image to our templates!

white peacock.jpg
trio of flowers.jpg
vase pic.jpg

Vegetables are not just for eating!

Artist June McEwan loves her vegetables, so much so, she has turned them into an art form by using them for...


Take a look at her film 'Vegetables are not just for Eating!'

to find out 101 ways with a pepper, an apple, a lemon, an orange, a leaf and an onion, not to mention some bubble wrap and a piece of string!

And when you've finished, you can make some soup!

June Veg .jpg