Memories, Music and Stories

Warming up your words
My favourite things
Braw banter

Memories, music and stories connect us and go to the heart of what makes us human.

So we are delighted to support individuals and groups to write or record their reflections and to create audio playlists of music and sounds which represent soundtracks of their lives.

If you are planning to write or record memories or life stories, take a look at our suggestion sheets on Warming Up Your Words, My Favourite Things and Braw Banter! Some people have chosen to use their favourite season as a starting point for reflection, so we have attached some Seasonal poems too.

All these materials are designed to get you thinking. If you need support with recording equipment or devices, just call us and we will do our best to support you.

If you want to compile an audio playlist, we would recommend you look at the information and resources from Playlist for Life and BBC Music Memories to make your personal choices and then we will help you do the rest. Music surrounds us through a lifetime and stays with us forever, so it's a great thing to do.

Our forthcoming film library will hopefully also give you some inspiration for bringing memories, music and stories together.

     Some story ideas

    Your memory bump

Not many people know this, but apparently, it's a fact that we create more memories between the ages of 10 and 30 than at any other time of our lives. 

So thinking back to these years may be a particularly rich source of strong memories and a good place to start.

Brighter Days Ahead  anthology

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Throughout the year (until November 2021) we will be collating personal reflections and life stories from participants for exhibition and publication in an edited anthology of prose and poetry, which we hope to make available in print and online.

So if you would like to have your work published, just let us know and we will work with you to make this happen.

Everyone has a story to tell. Reminiscing about positive recollections, people and places is a natural thing to do and creates strong connections between people.

We all have stories that only we know and interesting things that only we have learned, particularly if we reach back into our family histories.

So sharing reflections through short messages or 'postcards' can be stimulated by looking at old photo albums, singing a song or talking about an event.

Sharing values, lessons and traditions through bringing them into the present, can also offer real meaning to others.

Whatever age we are, we all have memories of birthdays, going out, Christmas / Hogmanay traditions, shopping, holidays, dancing, sports, local bands, scouts and brownies, party tunes, TV programmes (who remembers Top Cat?), special moments and milestones. 

All of these can be great conversation starters and starting points for stories, reflections and poetry.

You might be surprised how your stories can inspire, inform and engage wider audiences.

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