GO CREATE! (or Five GO Trading)

We have launched a project called GO CREATE to develop employability skills with young people who have additional needs. We are supporting them to help us develop new products and services which reflect their creativity, skills, aspiration, leadership and determination.

This has been made possible through an enterprise development grant from Social Investment Business, culminating in a feasibility report to identify the best business opportunities to pursue, in order to bring maximum benefit to our clients and make GO less reliant on grant funding.

We developed Five GO Trading as a working title for the project, because we enlisted the support of five very creative young people to help us breathe life into our plans! These Famous Five have helped us to open up new futures, so keep checking us out here, to keep up to date with progress - three of them: James, Daniel and Steph are pictured.

We have developed a small range of craft goods which we hope to sell online (some of which are featured in our Gallery pages) and we hope to engage the support of artists who work in different media to help these young people and others to explore and develop their creativity in different ways. 


 Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas by e-mailing us at generatingopportunitylincs@gmail.com or telephone 07774540738. Thank you!

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