Trauma from the Deep Blue: The Man who Missed the Boat

Members of the community arts project ARTvantage have been benefiting from a collaborative project with Perth Museum and Art Gallery to create a poignant maritime exhibit.


It is an artistic interpretation of one person's experiences of the sea and the tragic sinking of the Lossiemouth fishing vessel Arcadia in 1983.


Former trawlerman Kenny Wilkie, who had worked aboard the Arcadia as a teenager, wasn't part of the crew at the time so quite literally missed the boat. But the tragedy contributed to a mental breakdown and the trauma of nine years as an in-patient in mental health institutions. 


One of his tools for recovery has been his involvement with ARTvantage and the friendship and solidarity of the group. Now, thanks to the additional support offered by Learning and Communities Officer Barbara Hamilton from Culture PK, their work has been recognised and celebrated within the wider community. Crucially, it has given them the confidence and ambition to grow the group, seek new premises and strengthen their connections with local artists and creatives.

'The whole experience has been brilliant. It doesn't matter the level of a person's skill or confidence...there's no hierarchy.'

 Kenny Wilkie


provides opportunities for individuals to create and display art in a safe and inclusive environment. It grew out of the work and connections created through PLUS Perth, a member-led charity and social movement      https//

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