About Us

At Generating Opportunity (GO), we believe that people with additional needs, whether these arise through health issues, disability or disadvantage, have the same rights as anyone else to lead a confident and happy life.

So we exist to promote diversity through valuing, developing and celebrating the skills, talents, hopes and experiences of our participants, whatever their starting point.

Developing a person's confidence and wellbeing underpins everything we do. 

We use the medium of arts and crafts, creative writing, video, film and music, to encourage people to express themselves and support each other. We then link these activities to more specific opportunities to progress independence or employability and to celebrate people's lives and experiences.



We specialise in working with clients to develop video CVs, digital support plans and short films that record individual life stories.


Together, we unlock opportunities for self-expression, personal progression, exploration, reminiscence and celebration through visual media. Some of our clients also enjoy developing skills in videography and film-editing and gaining experience on both sides of the camera!

To date, much of our work has been grant-funded, but we are reducing our reliance on  grants by offering commercial video services to other Third Sector organisations, such as promotional films and event videos, as well as digital life stories to private individuals, including special life story 'gift' packages for family and friends.
We use the profits from these activities to support the individuals who gain most benefit from our work, with video CVs and other films that help them to progress their life journeys. 

    dream, believe, do, repeat

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