About GO

At Generating Opportunity (GO), we believe that people who use support have the same rights as anyone else to lead a confident and happy life.

So we exist to promote diversity through valuing, developing and celebrating the skills, talents, hopes and experiences of our participants, whatever their starting point.

Developing a person's confidence and wellbeing underpins everything we do. 

We use the medium of the arts to encourage people to express themselves and support each other.


We can then link these activities, as required, to more specific opportunities to progress independence or employability or to celebrate people's lives and experiences.



Our clients include people who live in residential care or use support in their own homes and many of them are living with                       So we aim to ensure that the activities we offer are as accessible to as many people as possible. 

Some of our clients also enjoy telling us stories and memories from earlier times so we can compile their life stories or reminiscences on film or on sound recordings.

Others work with us to collate 'soundtracks' to their life through developing audio playlists, which is a lovely thing to do and can be very helpful in stimulating memories and conversations.


Happily there are now lots of resources available to help people compile their playlists, thanks in no small part to the charity                                   and                                       and sound archives.

Video camera
painting of girl in garden
painting of valley and mountains
art image girl.jpg
painting of bridge
Artworks by Steph, Jess and Philip 
finger puppet
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