A Place in Time

A Place in Time is our Reminiscence project, supported by National Lottery Community Fund and designed to promote wellbeing and social connections amongst residents of Care Homes and other individuals throughout Perth and Kinross, who have been most impacted by the pandemic.

We will be using the skills of visual storytellers, heritage educators, singers and musicians to make a series of films - which will be free to access from this website and our YouTube channel - including hidden histories of royalty and rebellions, explorations of vintage 'suitcase' memorabilia to stimulate those rewind moments and a musical exploration of Perthshire's stunning landscapes.
















Loch Monzievaird


We will encourage you to write, record and share personal stories and reflections, create music playlists, build a personal archive and contribute to a collection of life affirmations - Pocket Positives - to share with local schoolchildren.


Take a look at our suggestion sheets attached here and on the following pages, to warm up your words, create your rainbow collection of favourite memories, recall some 'braw banter' and get writing or talking about your stories. These materials will support our filmed Reminiscence activities which will go online over the next few weeks.


Once the films are online, we will focus on supporting individuals and groups to complete their chosen activities over the following 6 months.

This will culminate in the opportunity to contribute to a public exhibition of work towards the end of the year, along with an accompanying film
Brighter Days Ahead and awards ceremony, to showcase the efforts and achievements of everyone involved.


You are welcome to contribute life stories and reflections (in prose and poetry) to both the exhibition and also an anthology of writing that will explore and celebrate the way we were and the way we take that forward.

We are delighted to be working in partnership with Culture Perth and Kinross, whose advice, knowledge and wonderful archive material and films will enrich our shared community project.


Join us on the journey!

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  Did you know?

Where in Perthshire the Beatles slept after a hard day's night in Glasgow in 1964?

That Perthshire has an abundant 2000-year history of battles, feuds, royal betrayals and rebellions, including its incredible Jacobite trails and connections across our big tree country?

That the town of Dull in Perthshire is paired with Boring in Oregon, America? 

About Robert Burns' connection to Aberfeldy?

Just how exactly Mary Queen of Scots escaped from Loch Leven Castle in Kinross?

About that renowned 'scoundrel' Rob Roy MacGegor - hero or villain?

Why Sir Walter Scott's faithful deerhound Maida went walkies in Perth?

We have the answers to these questions and more!

Supporting individuals to access the project

We welcome participation from individuals  in the community who would also enjoy Reminiscence activities.

So if this applies to you, please feel free to access our films from this website or our YouTube channel and you are most welcome to write or record stories, poems and reflections, including contributions to our collective anthology, by sending to our email address generatingopportunitylincs@gmail.com 


Please free to contact us at any time if you need support to do this.

Your work may be Reminiscence-based but you are welcome to include reflections on the past year and we would welcome contributions from anyone of any age.

We can also compile audio playlists for individuals which can be made accessible online. Just get in touch if you would like this for yourself or a loved one.

This project is funded by National Lottery Community Fund and there is no charge for our services or support.

For your information

In order to protect personal data and exercise our legal duties and safeguarding responsibilities, we

will seek individual informed consent to make public any images, photographs, artworks or written work /

audio recordings, prior to publication and / or exhibition. All contributors will retain copyright of their work. We will seek similar consents from any client who chooses to participate in our film  
Brighter Days Ahead.

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