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A Place in Time is our Reminiscence project, supported by National Lottery Community Fund and designed to promote wellbeing and social connections amongst residents of Care Homes and other individuals throughout Perth and Kinross, who have been most impacted by the pandemic.

We have used the skills of visual storytellers, heritage educators, singers and musicians to make our film library - which is available here and on our YouTube channel - including hidden histories of royalty and rebellions, explorations of vintage 'suitcase' memorabilia to stimulate those rewind moments and a musical exploration of Perthshire's stunning landscapes.



















We will encourage you to write, record and share personal stories and reflections, create music playlists and build a personal archive in the form of your own storyboard.


You are also invited to contribute to a collection of life affirmations - Pocket Positives - to share with local schoolchildren.


Take a look at our suggestion sheets attached here and on the following pages, to warm up your words, create your rainbow collection of favourite memories, recall some 'braw banter' and get writing or talking about your stories. 

There will be an opportunity to contribute to a public exhibition of work towards the end of the year, along with an accompanying film Brighter Days Ahead to showcase the achievements of everyone involved.


You are welcome to contribute life stories and reflections (in prose and poetry) to both the exhibition and also an anthology of writing that will explore and celebrate the way we were and the way we take that forward.

We are delighted to be working in partnership with    Culture Perth and Kinross whose wonderful archive material and films enrich our shared project.

Our films are available on GO CINEMA pages 1 &2 and include: When Spring Comes Round Again and  Old Oak Tree by PlaidSong, A Wee Blether at the Bandstand and A Walk in the Bluebells as well as Food Glorious Food and Memories of the Silver Screen. We have Culture Perth and Kinross films on Kinross, Highland Perthshire and Perth, the Tommy Kirk Tour of the Old Kirk of Weem and Menzies Mausoleum and films about Aberfeldy and Perthshire's Rural Past. See also the 'How to' film section for 'How to' make a personal storyboard and 'How to' tell and share your story.
Are you feeling peckish?
Head over to our Food, Glorious Food film and use our guidance notes attached on this page to recall some tasty memories!
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Our forthcoming anthology for Brighter Days Ahead will include sections on Food, Cinema and entertainment, Childhood and schooldays, Holidays, Working lives, Fashions and trends, Evacuation stories and Letters / postcards to younger selves. We would love to feature YOUR memories and stories.

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Are you feeling nostalgic for a good film?
Head over to our Memories of the Silver Screen film and use our guidance notes attached on this page to recall some cinematic moments!
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